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Strategic Planning & Media Buying

Just Getting Started?

A strategic plan directs the overall marketing of your business. It supports communications day to day. This plan guides creative ideas for ad campaigns. It defines the use of social media, indeed of every avenue for making your business profitable.

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Strategic Planning

Fresh Horses can develop strategic plans, both short and long-term, and should the need arise, we’ll stand beside you in the rapid management of a crisis, whatever its origin, whatever its threats.

Media Placement

Media placement, in close coordination with your strategic plan, comes along as a critical component of your success. More than merely buying an ad on the Internet or purchasing a few spots on the radio, Fresh Horses begins and ends our work in ongoing research, in a relentless insistence on using the most economical, the most effective platforms for your marketing campaigns.

We deal in the new media daily. We can find the sweet spots.

Together, we’ll follow our plan to solid success.