The Fresh Horses

Search Engine Marketing

Everything has changed, and nothing has changed.

Even in the random, accelerating daily change of digital marketing, a few classic principles hold true. Whether you’re selling houses or home automation, the classical definition of marketing still applies: “putting the right product in the right place at the right price at the right time.”

The theory comes along as simplicity itself, but the practical application of the idea quickly becomes complex indeed, especially when the marketing of your product or service begins and ends on the fleeting pages of the Internet, and more especially still as those pages continue their relentless assault on infinity.

That said, there have evolved some platforms and processes – excuse the abstractions, please – which Fresh Horses employs to help grow your business in an ever more competitive online marketplace wherein search engine marketing must play its role.

At its most basic, search engine marketing calls for paid advertisements for your business to appear prominently on Google results pages, these pages appearing as a result of potential customers using certain keywords in their search for a given product or service. A pairing made in digital marketing heaven. Once upon a time.

Googl uses a small square box, a distinctive blue square box, containing the word “Ad” to separate paid results from what are called “organic” results. In the former appearance, you had paid for placement more or less near the top of the first page of search results. In the second, organic appearance, your top-of-page placement comes free of charge, but it will have been earned in the most grueling, ongoing, relentless series of marketing efforts imaginable. (This process, known as search engine optimization, is discussed on another Services page here on the Fresh Horses website.)

The great advantage of these so-called pay-per-click ads arrives in their ability to place your advertisement immediately in front of motivated customers ready to buy right now. No other advertising medium can match the effectiveness of search engine marketing in this regard.


As the sophistication among on-line shopper grows – and here Fresh Horses is talking about older shoppers – that little blue box is suffering more and more the fate commercials on television shows have endured for decades. Those expensive ads are simply tuned out, the blue box alerting the reader that products and services appearing early in search results have indeed paid for their appearance, whereas the organic results – the argument goes – have achieved their lofty status on the strength of the products or services themselves. Not always accurate this distinction, of course, but certainly a factor to be considered as your marketing budget is spread across all available media, traditional and otherwise.

At Fresh Horses we continue to believe that the fundamental truths of good marketing remain so. Despite ever-new tools of application, the guiding principles of a workable marketing mix demand careful investigation of

1. the product itself, particularly in its unique selling proposition, that set of definable values which set your product apart from the competition;

2. the price of your product, with an accompanying note of reassurance that its cost really does correspond to its value to the purchaser;

3.the promotion of your product – that is, all the methods by which potential customers will come to see its value – methods stretching from paid advertising to public relations;

4. the placement of your product: the means of distribution, the process by which your product arrives in the hands of a satisfied customer.

The ways in which Fresh Horses will go about helping you market your product or service stand straightforward, tested and proven. Nothing secretive. No need for marketing gobbledygook.

Everything changes. And nothing changes.