The Fresh Horses

Content Creation

In a digital age the term is “content.” For Fresh Horses, content has always been creative. Creative as a noun. That is, a meaningful, fresh, imaginative, ultimately client-profitable set of ideas, manifest in both graphic design and the written word.

We understand the requirements of Internet content, and we create therein.

In some cases, a search engine’s notions of appropriate, helpful content involves only some changes of terminology. In matters more technically complex, two Fresh Horses guide the rest of us in creating meaningful, fresh, imaginative, ultimately client-profitable graphic design and copy. Copy and graphic design that slide seamlessly into the templates that Google appreciates, leading — as is always our intent — to high, early placement in its search results.

You can’t write what you don’t know. You can’t design what you don’t understand.

Fresh Horses, every one of us, draws on a stock of knowledge, born of both formal education and long, broad experience in visual communication for every industry in Kansas, for every sort of non-profit cause, for dozens upon dozens of entrepreneurial businesses now flourishing, in part, because of our work in brand identity, in consistently superior expressions of original thought. Again, what Google calls “content.”

Two critical skills here: research and listening.

Of course, we draw on our advantages described just above. Nonetheless, every Fresh Horses project, as our name implies, begins with a clean screen. A new sheet waiting for the specifics, most of all, of your input. We will listen well, consistently, and long.
In those instances where we need to learn independently, research skills obtained in pursuit of advanced degrees pay off once more. And research on the web comes so very much more easily than in the stacks of a university library.

For Fresh Horses, content must always be engaging and, as often as possible, entertaining.

The rote recitation of dry fact delivered in leaden primer prose – short sentence, after short sentence, as some search-engine templates demand – , in our opinion, gives your online messaging neither the initial impact nor the long-term memorability that more traditional notions of good writing have always done.

Fresh Horses promise you an eager, an accurate, a persuasive accounting of the advantages and benefits of your work.